Paul Brennan

Welcome to Solo Singer Guitarist and Wedding Entertainer Paul Brennan's website. Based out of Cairns I specialize in Hotels, Weddings, Parties and Corporate functions. Port Douglas, Palm Cove, Cairns, Mission Beach, Cardwell, Townsville and all points in between are the regular places I perform at as a musician singer guitarist, but I have been known to go much further afield on many an occasion.

I personally consider myself very lucky to make a full time living as a Solo Singer Guitarist/ Entertainer between Pt Douglas, Cairns and Townsville. Singing and playing guitar is something I love to do anyway, and it kind of runs in the family too. My Dad is a great singer and many members of my extended family are full time working musicians also.

So when people like yourself ask me to perform at their wedding, hotel, corporate function or party... Hey, I'm more than happy to.

My song list has grown to be quite extensive over the years, as I am always learning new material - check it out.

An outdoor Wedding Reception at Nunu's, Palm Cove... a very popular Wedding destination FNQ. One of my favorite photo's

Just arrived home from Papua New Guinea on April 27th where I played a couple of gigs at the Royal Papuan Yacht Club in Pt Moresby. I was asked to play there as part of the Anzac Day celebrations. I played there last year as well, and once again thanks to Aaron and the team everyone had a great day.

The highlight for me was attending the Dawn Service at the Bamona War Cemetery on the outskirts of Pt Moresby.

Recent Highlights

  • February 16th 2018 I played support for Ash Grunwald at the Kirwan Tavern in Townsville. That was a great night I got to pull out a few original songs and play them to a very appreciative crowd. Ash has long been a favorite act of mine so I felt it to be quite the honor to be asked to play support and warm up the crowd for him.



  • 2017 saw me playing at quite a few weddings between Port Douglas, Cairns and Townsville. Couple that with a steady stream of corporate, parties and hotel gigs and 2017 was quite a busy year
  • Just returned from playing New Years Eve at the Royal Papua Yacht Club in Port Moresby, New Guinea 2017 - 2018. It was a big night and once again always a lot of fun playing for those guys...

Dunk Island Resort from August 2006 till February 2011. For the most part of that I was performing 6 nights a week, mostly in the main bar.

I actually played over 1,000 gigs there in that time, which is huge ..can't help but get better as a musician under that sort of work load. 

I also played at many of the weddings and corporate functions there as well.

New Years Eve - 2012/2013. I supported Boom Crash Opera on Fitzroy Island  that was a great gig over a thousand party goers seeing the new year in.

Fitzroy Island what a destination to have it at as well, there were a lot of private boats moored off the island and the Big Cat boats ferried the rest of the people over from Cairns. 

I was impressed with the energy of Boom Crash Opera, they worked hard and really nailed it.. I got a very good response too.

June 2013 - Townsville Casino I felt privileged to be asked to support one of my all time favorite Australian acts, Richard Clapton in an outdoor concert at Jupiters Casino in Townsville.

I felt like I was playing at "Big Day Out" or some sort of music festival there was this huge stage, colored lights rigged up on the scaffolding, roadies and sound guys running around as they do.

I got to meet the man himself too, he's one of those seemingly ageless characters who still looks much the same as I remember him on TV as a kid.

It felt great to be up there on a stage in an outdoor concert playing support to Richard Clapton..

May 2014 - Mission Beach Resort. Played support act for Diesel that was a biggie and hey that guy can really play and sing.The place was packed to the rafters.. dead set he is an amazing talent.

He thanked me afterwards for warming the crowd up for him which I thought was pretty cool thing for him to do.

June 2014 - Dunk Island Plantation Bar. Played support for the late great John English in the Dunk Island Main Bar, really good guy very personable and a quintessential performer a real pro.

He's one of those types you meet him and after 5 minutes you feel like you have known him for years, very easy to be around and a great sense of humor.


Hi Paul,
We can't believe how quickly time has got away from us. After returning home from our wedding in Pt Douglas we went straight back to work, the joys of being a married couple, we are loving it :)

We really appreciated all of your assistance in getting us to where we needed to be for our big day on September 6th 2017. Everyone really enjoyed the music and we received heaps of positive feedback about your performance.

Continue doing what you do best, you're an amazing musician Paul.
Thanks again for your amazing work,

Tianni & Geoff Harrison

Bendigo - Victoria


Hi Paul, well we are back from our honeymoon now, had a fantastic time in Fiji. Once again thanks for playing for us at our wedding in Palm Cove in August.

Everybody is still talking about how good you were. 

I don't know if you knew, but there were a few guys we actually checked out as well as you. I mean they were really good too but you were just so much better for what we wanted. Thanks again Paul :)"

Stephen and Lyndell Blake - Adelaide Sth Australia


"Port Douglas is one of Queensland's and Australia's premier tourist destinations. It is very important to us that all of the acts that perform at our venue are of the highest standard.

Paul is a great act and an absolute sure fire winner with our guests every time he plays. His ability to read the crowd and play the appropriate songs is almost uncanny and he makes it look so easy too.

It is plain to see Paul is very dedicated to his craft and I would happily recommend him to anyone seeking a great performer."

Stephanie Griffin - Asst Manager Central Hotel Pt Douglas

Paul Brennan has been a regular solo singer/guitarist at our venue "The Garage" for over 5 years now. Paul is one of those rare soloists who actually pulls a crowd every time he plays.

Aside from being a great act he also interacts and relates to the crowd on a personal level which is one of his major strengths as an act.

We highly recommend Paul Brennan to anybody who is seeking a top line solo musician." 

Matti Rix - Owner Garage Bar and Grill. Mission Beach Queensland

What I Do

I let my music speak for itself I do not use any backing tracks or drum machines. Whatever happens on stage is live.

I play acoustic guitar and sing, plus throw in some harmonica here and there just to spice things up a little bit, the harmonica was actually my first instrument.

A few years ago I added a stomp box which is a small box like object I tap my foot on and it creates a bass drum effect along with a beat.. sounds good to.

The Songs

The songs I perform are a blend of slower ballads ideal for early in the night to more uptempo harder driving songs as the evening progresses.

If you would like to view my song list you will notice I have quite a mix of songs specifically designed so there is something for everybody.

I am always open for requests and if I know the song I will happily play it for you.

A big night at Foxy's Bar on Fitzroy Island


I tend to take my breaks where I see fit, for example if a group were to walk in just as I am about to go on a break there is a good chance they might leave if I take a break then.

In the case of Weddings I really feel it is so important to fit in with what is happening on the night in and around speeches etc.  So...

I don't adhere to any sort of rigid break sequence, I play it by ear. Bottom line my philosophy is simple "I'm there to work and make sure the night is a success"


I only use professional industry standard equipment. I could waffle on with all sorts of technical jargon about this, and that, but I wont bore you.

However, I will say any top line touring artist today, would happily plug into my system and feel very confident about using it too. It is very good equipment.

By having the right equipment for the job I give myself the best possible chance of success. You only get one chance to make a good impression.

 A few years ago I was working in with the Australian Songwriters Association as their coordinator in Nth Queensland. Nine guys from the ASA were traveling around Australia in a coaster bus recording original artists for a national TV show called Wax Lyrical Songwriters. When they arrived in Cairns they camped at my place wherever they could find a space, for a week. It was a very big week. To show their appreciation they made a video for me of a song I wrote called "Shine On"  Thanks guys.

In Closing

If you are looking for a solo entertainer, slash, singer guitarist in Cairns who is competitively priced to perform at your Wedding, Hotel, Party or Corporate function and willing to travel anywhere from Port Douglas, Cairns, Townsville and beyond - please keep me in mind.