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2017 - a big year of weddings


What a year it has been, big is an understatement. I performed at over 20 weddings this year which is huge for me taking me all over Nth Queensland. Then there were plenty of pub gigs and private functions to play at as well. As the year is drawing to a close it's giving me some time to reflect on 2017

One the most memorable was destinations was a place called Ravenswood where I played for Dave and Gracie's wedding it was about 100 klms or so west of Charters Towers (well I think it was west) it was like taking a step back in time to the 1800's. Just a beautiful old mining town with all these amazing old buildings that were still practical and being used today. I spent the night in this huge old timber Queenslander style Pub that creaked and groaned. Come to think of it, could have been haunted but I was so tired I didn't care about that at all.

I played over in Papua New Guinea at the Royal Papuan Yacht Club for Anzac Day and got to party hard with some awesome people.. I was only there for 24 hours but still had a great time.

Anyway might sign off for awhile Happy Christmas everybody




2016 a year in review


Hi All,

I suppose by the title of this page you will be expecting a long winded round up of the year. I promise it wont be. This year I have been kept busy with learning songs for weddings, some were quite easy and others were challenging but all in all I got through with little drama. I always find vocally I will make anything work because I am very confident there and I get it almost straight away. Getting the guitar parts right is my challenge but I'm quite a dogged guy and I always stick at it till it works.

I did a couple of gigs interstate which always sounds like a big deal but they're not really, one was in Adelaide my home town for a friend of mines mother who turned 90. She was an incredibly energetic lady who could still really belt out a tune, apparently she used to sing a lot on tv in her younger years, didn't doubt that for a second either. The other was for a wedding in Kalamunda Perth WA, they were holidaying in Port Douglas and saw me playing at the Central Hotel, we kept in contact and next thing there I was playing at their wedding. The interstate gigs I try and make work financially for the people bearing in mind sometimes I have to give up a whole weekends work here to go and do it.

2016 has been a good year for me financially plenty of gigs, more weddings than usual too. The calendar for 2017 is filling up fast to especially September and October as it is peak wedding season. Last Thursday week I played my annual Carols by Candle light in the village green at Mission Beach. This is my fourth year doing it, I supply the PA system and sing a few songs, then when Santa rolls up whip the kid's up into a frenzy and let him deal with the aftermath all this to a rousing rendition of Jingle Bells. This year some kid's from the local primary school sang some carols and they came across really well. I have a a few photos of the proceedings in my photo section. 



Finding the right act


These days with the internet it is almost expected that one has a web presence, if you are to be taken seriously at all. Because who is going to take your business seriously if you don't take your own business seriously.

So I think a web presence is a big thing, especially, if as a customer, you are not well connected in an area or live interstate. Word of mouth from someone who's opinion you respect goes a long way and still is the best form of advertising. By web presence I mean website or something that can be found through search engines, preferably website though.

Some guys have all the bells and whistles on their sites. For me all I really need to see are some good photos and videos, preferably ones that are not overly staged or to set up bearing in mind we are all trying to put our best foot forward which is fair enough.

Some good relevant information about themselves and what they do,  Music is one of those mediums you don't need a degree to have an opinion about it. Try this simple test

If the music sounds good to your ears.. it's good. 

If it sounds bad to your ears.. it's bad. The music should speak for itself .

Now, I have to laugh at myself I don't have much in the way of audio or video on my own site but rest assured it is coming soon.

I would also be wary of guys who spread themselves to thin by offering to many other services as well on top of what they are already doing, some of which are barely even really related to their music business. That practice does not inspire much confidence in me at all.



Zac and Kaitlyn"s Wedding


I have played at a few weddings over the years but this one definitely tops them all, in as far as spare no expense is concerned. But still its all relative when you think about it. The owners of Dunk Islands daughter Kaitlyn was getting married to Anzac Kirk and the celebration went for three days. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. My role was play at Sunset Bar (Spit Bar as most locals know it) on the Friday night from 6.30pm till stumps then play at the Wedding Ceremony on Saturday afternoon. Sunday play the recovery party from 2.30pm till it was over.

Saturday night there were two bands and a DJ playing in the Main Bar - Gang of Youths and Safia. I don't know who the DJ was but he was very good and I'm not big into DJ music.

Once again Peter and Louise Bond really know how to throw a great party, the fireworks display was awesome. Before the wedding ceremony commenced there was an aerial acrobatic display in an old world war two fighter plane that went on for about twenty minutes, very impressive.

The New Website


I have been quite busy with gigs for awhile now (no complaints, the more the merrier).

I decided to do a total revamp of my old website, I had become quite bored with it, because it was quite limited in what it could do. I actually used to design websites a long time ago when the internet first started reaching it's stride back in the early 2000's. I did it for a year or so learned all about HTML and cascading style sheets but sitting in front of a computer all day simply put, was not for me, but still that background is quite helpful in getting the new website up and running.

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